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Marker, an American Anglophile software engineer, has purchased the home Evelyn Waugh stayed in while writing Brideshead Revisited.  He soon discovers the house is a money pit and quickly runs through his life’s savings. To save his home, he and his friends from the Castrated Goat, his local pub, start staging 1930’s style murder mystery role-play weekends for guests in Marker’s home.  This attracts the attention of cheapskate BBC producers, who seize upon the low-cost opportunity to produce a lucrative TV series.

Marker soon runs afoul of the Lord Mayor’s wife, the patrons of the Tortured Terrier, a supercilious rival pub, and the law.  After causing an international diplomatic incident, getting arrested, and surviving a septuagenarian sex scandal, he succeeds in making Chagford the singles destination in the UK. But is this the Chagford he came to England to find?

ISBN 9781838242152 

A literary tour de force. Like the Rio Grande itself, Chuck Etheridge's Border Cantos winds beautifully through the ethnically rich wold of El Paso, Texas and through the poignant terrain between innocence and experience. This book captures the bi-lingual, bi-racial texture of a region where both Anglo and Hispanic adolescents are forced to come to terms with the culture as they search for identity. This novel tells a captivating story, but it is the author's insight into forces that shape both border life and adolescent boys' psyche that makes Border Cantos exceptional fiction.


ISBN 0976885611

Desert After Rain, Book II of the Border Canto Trilogy: "The beauty of the arid urban and suburban settings is word-sketched so vividly that the ordinary transcends into something close to magical realism. By the end of the book, readers will have stretched along with Peter and learned quite a bit about friendship, taking chances, breaking with conformity, the value of rebelling at the right time, and the need to let our "demon" out occasionally." - Oscar de los Santos, author of Hardboiled Egg and Spirits of Texas and New England. "The book provides a vivid and convincing portrait of the border region and of the time and the generation . . . . Etheridge's book makes El Paso, circa 1973, a place the reader feels richer for having visited." - Nick Norwood, author of The Soft Blare and A Palace for the Heart.

ISBN 0982200919